Saturday, March 31, 2018

New cover for Kylie Gable's Feminization Folio Volume 2!

Earlier this month Kylie approached me to design a new cover for her feminization collection. It took me a while to get it finished due to my jobs, but got it done. The image below, A feminized guy on his knees at a another made up guy's crotch....hmm what will happen at the mercy of the girls?
The Jaguar (left) and her partner Katsumi (far right) tying up a guy.
 The second book cover for Gable's feminization collection. There are many stories in this collection I loved, so I added a little bit of my favorite outfits in the cover (panties, lingerie, the Jaguar butt plug). Stories in the book: 

1. Reprogrammed
2. Doubling Down (*One of the best captured scenes from Kylie)
3. The Mask of the Jaguar (*The female vigilante feminizer!)
4. Halloween Humiliation
5. Hoops
6. The Operator
7. Giftwrapped (*Loved how a guy gets girftwrapped)
8. It's Nothing Personal: Breaking the Billionaire (*Its just good)
9. Mean Girls and Mermaids (*Just read it, you will love it!)
10. Friendly Seduction


Feminization Folio Volume 2

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  1. Thanks for linking to the story and for the outstanding cover!