Monday, March 5, 2018

New original story by Priscilla Gay Bouffant! "Ursula’s Girls"

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you all enjoyed the talented and prolific Karen Jensen's story, Another Sissy Husband, (thank you for all the comments by the way), this week the lovely mistress of feminization literature returns with a brand new original story, Ursula's Girls. A tale of a cheating man that is slowly turned into a submissive sissy servant by his smart successful bisexual ex wife.

It has an unexpected ending that will leave everyone satisfied.

The fear stricken Emily fell to her knees, grabbing Janelle’s high heeled boots and kissed them copiously. “Oh please Miss Janelle, don’t hurt me. I’ll do anything to avoid being cropped. Anything, ma’am, I swear it!” Emily begged.

     “Anything? Well, really dear? Then I’m thrilled that I didn’t wear any panties,” smiled Janelle. Emily was confused by this statement. Janelle used her riding crop underneath Emily’s chin, to lift her head. Emily looked up and wheezed. Janelle’s skirt was lifted, to expose a large, swelling penis, between Janelle’s beautiful legs!

     “Oh my goodness! You’re a man!” Emily squealed.

     “I am not a man! You foul little wench!” I am just as much of a woman as any female in this household. I am not a man. I’m simply a woman with a penis,” Janelle said exasperated.

     “A penis, which you will suck, if you don’t want me to thrash you with this riding crop, girl,” Janelle smiled.


Ursula’s Girls

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