Monday, April 30, 2018

The Intern exclusive first to the blog!

Priscilla has been generous and kind enough to release a brand new erotic sissifacation story exclusive first to this blog! The Intern is now up!

Originally a Sandy Brown story, now Priscilla has continued it and added her own twist, but respecting the format of the original author.

     “There now, you entryway should be sufficiently lubed. Now I’ll affix my dildo and lubricate it. One can’t be too careful in these matters. Now you stay just the way you are, little girl. Now Auntie is mounting you,” explained Monique.

     “Breathe normally. Auntie will enter and then penetrate you as you exhale. Once we get a rhythm established I’ll reach underneath you and manipulate your fat little clit. There we are darling, now exhale,” said Monique as she moved the dildo in and out of Sandra’s anus, penetrating a little further each time.


The Intern  


  1. Yes! Finally! Thanks y'all.

  2. Beautiful story. Can't wait for part two. Love that Sandra is progressing so quickly.

  3. Thank you Harriet. Sandy Brown's original story that inspired this was just lovely.

  4. Sandy Thomas was quite kind to let me use her story to continue this. It is really worth reading. It has lovely photographs and is a wonderful six part piece. I want to thank her.