Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu Book Review

"Candy" (Matt Landon) being prepared for his porn movie debut.  

Its been a little while since my last review, recently I started looking into pay-for-reading stories on Amazon. One of the stories that grabbed my attention is Kylie Gable and Claudia Acosta’s The Boys of Alpha Theta Nu Collection. 

This first person narrative centers around a Freshman at the Midwestern institution of DuPont College named Matt Landon. Landon has had his heart set on pledging Alpha Theta Nu at the college since learning about their wild parties through his brother Davis, an alumni of the college. Matt quickly realizes that as a pledge, “Hell Week” is going to be Hell in what his frat brothers agree in letting the girls from the sorority Delta Delta Omicron (DDO) to participate in the pledges humiliation…..which begins to foreshadow what is to come for Matt and his pals. Matt’s name is then changed to Candy by the frat and the sorority (cute name) begins wearing bra and panties under his boy clothes and endure changing clothes in front of the sorority girls.

Candy is assigned to Elizabeth who is his “Big Sister,” and after being put through some light humiliations by Elizabeth and being made to do a raunchy home movie with fellow pledges, “Dollface” and “Barbie” to show his commitment to the frat, Matt then begins to question the trials and the emphasis on the increased feminization of the boys. The stress and strangeness gets to Matt eventually leading to his decision to leave the frat, however after attempting to leave the frat he gets pulled into a panty raid on the house of the DDO that goes terribly wrong. Matt and his fellow pledge brothers, Barbie and Dollface soon find themselves captured by the girls and slowly realize that Matt’ suspicions may be right after all. Thus leading to an unforgettable forced feminization scene that made this reviewer heart race like it was my first time reading a story of this genre.

The story is large and would not be considered a short story. What Gable and company do so well for the story is how they well they entrap and set-up up the boys, it is beautifully done! The girls of Delta Delta Omicron are incredibly organized and use the college's resources realistically. It has been stated that character development is her strength, I have to respectfully disagree. It is the way the girls set-up the boys to fall into a trap and the only way to get out is to go in deeper.

The sex scenes are hot! The outfits range from cute to slutty. Gable is not as descriptive as other authors in the genre, but its ok because it allows the reader to add to the imagination. The language is never really vulgar, but instead honest.

One refreshing aspect of the story is that Matt is not some closeted crossdresser or troubled/lazy young man (forced fem stories are riddled with them), but he is just a teen that unfortunately gets pulled into this due to his associations. Just to put this out there the erotic school girl movie that our three heroines starred in cannot be topped and it is one of the highlights of the story. There is one mark that Kylie misses in her story in the creativity of her sex scenes and that is a scene that involved Candy being left on a bed as a gift for a drunken frat guy. Had it been allowed to fully play out, it would have been memorable…oh well.

The book does take on some serious themes and I am glad Gable explorers it. One question that is asked, Who decided the girls should have the right to punish the boys through forced feminization? That question is put out there by the writer and is used as an instrument to move the story. Something that I wished that the writer would have taken advantage of more is the multi ethnic populations that colleges have become. The story primarily takes place on a college campus, but we don’t really get much diversity in the cast of characters.

The story also touches on racism and attempted suicide, but never fully explores them, instead it goes back to the question above which plays a part in helping Candy and boys find a way to try to escape their feminized lifestyle. The story has a firm storyline and towards the middle it offers a surprise twist and begins building towards a climatic showdown with the books primary antagonist, but it never fully materializes. It almost feels as if the author became exhausted towards the end and decided to end the story on her terms, but Gable’s creativity in sexy scenarios is what readers will take away from the book. 4/5 Stars!


  1. Good review and I love the art work!

    1. Thanks, I am really honored by this picture and review. The only bone I have to pick is that the character development comment was from a review by Bending the Bookshelf and not from me. I'm really glad you enjoyed it.