Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Kylie Gable's female vigilante "The Jaguar" is back!

The Jaguar (black dress) holding a pink claw shaped butt plug with Kitsumi holding a Princess dress for their male victim. 
Kylie Gable's beloved female vigilante duo The Jaguar and her latex catsuit wearing Kitsumi are back in action to serve their brand of justice to abusive males through force feminization in a hot collection of all their current stories:

Mask of the Jaguar
The City Jaguar: The City of Fire and Rage
The Jaguar: The Birth of a Predator
 and The Jaguar's Halloween Short Story

The Jaguar is written by Kylie Gable & Claudia Acosta.
For those new to the series, Sheila Wentworth is a sucessfull businesswoman by day, but by night she is The Jaguar a black dress femme fatale vigilante that uses makeovers and feminization to punish corrupt, abusive, and cruel men who prey on the vulnerable. She is assisted by her partner, Kitsumi a Japanese American dressed in a sexy white skin-tight latex catsuit with a specialty in martial arts and Japanese rope bondage!

I worked with Kylie on the illustrations in the Jaguar books and can vouch that they are sexy and erotic as each story features sexy feminine makeovers with humiliating experiences for the deserving male!

All of the stories are individually $2.99, but Kylie is giving the collection for only $4.99! which is a bargain.
Kitsumi gluing fake breast to one of their male captives. 

The Jaguar is an expert in stripping and hogtying guys!

The Jaguar Stalks her Prey