Saturday, May 28, 2016

Update:Behind the Scenes

Hi Everyone,

I have been working a little behind the scenes here on your friendly neighborhood Feminization Art Blog. Here are the project updates. Martin Hastings' Pheobe is done, I'm just waiting for Rikkis information for the profile.

I have been doing a series of sample sketches for a possible pulp feminization novel with a great author in the genre.

I have been working on an off on project with Valerie. I'm excited for it. I hope everyone got a chance to read her wonderful stories on Fictionmania.

I'm going to start adding profile picture to the author's stories very soon here on the blog.

I got a story from a new writer, Brenda. She did Sissy Steve and Me .

And finally I started on that illustration to Priscilla's Subjegated Step Sissy that got a lot of request (I know, I'm terrible), thanks for being patient on that one. Thank you for all the wonderful comments I got for Makeover at the Mansion tittle banner.

Also, please don't forget I added Man Dating Ch. 9 to the blog for all you to enjoy Tuck's latest adventure into femininity.  

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