A Boy Lost 2

This is the second of what will be a 3 part story (I hope).
I want to thank Annabelle Brito for reviewing and making suggestions that I believe have greatly improved the story.
This story is complete fiction and any resemblance to persons living or dead is pure coincidence. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave your comments, good or bad. I try to learn from corrective criticism. It includes sex between underage teens so if this offends you, please refrain from reading it.

Karen Jensen

We walked into the kitchen and sat down. Sara and I held hands and stared at our parents, who stared back at us. Knowing my father, I was certain this would be an inquisition. And, of course, I was extremely embarrassed to be sitting there in a nightgown, panties, and a bra, the latter being very obvious with my pseudo breasts sticking out.
My father looked like he was going to explode. He had never struck me in the past, but he could and did yell very loud and did not hesitate to punish me in other ways. My mother had a hold of his arm and was clearly trying to help control his temper. Sara’s mom seemed to alternate between looking sad and angry. I feared that both of us would suffer severe consequences.
Finally my father came forward. My reflex action was to pull back, but sitting on the sofa left me no place retreat. He held out his phone to me.
“Is that you?”
I looked at his phone and I’m sure my heart skipped a beat or two. There was a picture of Stephen, Sara, Marcus, and me shortly after we arrived at the party. It had been posted on Facebook. The comment seemed to indicate that whoever posted the picture knew about Sara’s and Stephen’s sexual orientation and that they were pretending to be a couple. I was identified as Charlotte. The question was asked if I were Marcus’s new girlfriend, or were we also a bogus couple hiding our sexual preferences.
I looked at my dad with tears streaming down my face and nodded.
“So what are you? You dress up like a girl, go on a date with a guy, and yet you come home and have sex with a girl while you also are wearing sexy lingerie. Explain! I don’t understand.”
Before I could respond Sara interjected.
“It was my fault” she said.
She explained how we were caught in the rain, why I had to wear her clothes, etc. I hoped that would satisfy my parents, but I suspected it wouldn’t. I really had no idea how to explain why I went to the party with a boy while masquerading as a girl.
“We’ll talk more about this later. For now your mother and I want to go home. Where are the clothes you wore here?
Sara and I looked at each other at the same time and told him they were still in the washing machine. Her mom went to the laundry room and come back a few minutes later.
“They were sitting in cold, soapy water. It will take a couple of hours for them to be washed and dried.”
My dad turned to Sara and asked her if I could borrow her clothes again to go home. She nodded and took me back to her room. My mom followed us.
“You need to shower first” Mom said. “Get the smell of sex off you!”
“Go!” Sara said. “I will gather some clothes for you.”
I went into her bathroom and stripped off my nightie, panties and bra, or rather Sara’s. I caught myself thinking that they were mine and despite being alone in the bathroom became terribly embarrassed. I was not looking forward to going home with my parents dressed like a girl.
While I was in the shower clothes were left in the bathroom for me. The same miniskirt I wore yesterday was there with a plain white t-shirt, probably the least feminine top Sara owned, for which I was grateful. She also left a pair of plain white cotton panties, a matching bra, and navy blue tights.
I dried myself and put on the clothes. I slipped the pads into the bra reasoning that I would rather look like a girl than a boy in a skirt. With mom watching, Sara applied my makeup and fixed my hair. I put on the trainers I had worn to come to come here. Fortunately they dried overnight and weren’t different enough from girl’s trainers that anyone would notice. I took a quick glance in the mirror and realized that the t-shirt was thin enough for my bra to show through. I hoped it would reinforce my image as a girl.
Mom looked at me and remarked that the pictures on Facebook did not do me justice. I was indeed a pretty girl.
“Thanks. I guess” I replied.
I was unsure how to take the complement. I really didn’t want to be girl, pretty or otherwise. My dad glared at me but said nothing.
“Well, we should be going.” Mom said.
“Thank you for the ride.” Sara’s mom said. I will wash Joe’s clothes and return them later in the week.
“Don’t bother” my dad replied. “You can throw them away or donate them to charity. He won’t have a use for them.
I wasn’t sure how to take his remark but decided to say nothing. He was angry as it was and I assumed I would find out soon enough. On the way home we pulled into a mall. Mother ordered me to get out and come with her.
“But I don’t want to go outside like this.”
“You didn’t have a problem with it last night, did you?” my father replied. “Go with your mother!”
She took my hand and led me into a shoe store. She told me to sit and went off looking at shoes. She showed a pair to the sales clerk and asked her to measure my feet.
I couldn’t understand why she was buying me girl’s shoes, but I had a sinking feeling about it. The clerk measured my feet and then walked off. He  returned with a pair of navy blue sandals with about a one inch heel. I tried them on and walked around the store. They fit well and were quite comfortable. The heels gave me no problem after walking and dancing in the stilettos the night before.
“My daughter will wear them. You may throw away those ugly trainers.”
“But mom!”
She gave me a look that told me there was nothing further to discuss. I was getting increasingly nervous about all this, but was not about to start an argument in public.
Mom paid for the shoes and took my hand. I assumed we would be going back to the car, but she led me in the opposite direction and into a clothing store specializing in teen girls fashions. I am no genius, but it didn’t take one to realize what we were about to do. It didn’t take very long before she led me to a dressing room with our arms laden with dresses, skirts, and tops. It took over an hour for me to try on everything and model it for mom. In the end though, we walked out with 4 dresses, 3 skirts, and seven tops. All of the dresses and skirts were very short. None came within about 4 inches of my knees.
Our next stop was a department store and we headed straight to the lingerie section. By the time we were done there I had 6 bras, a dozen pairs of panties, 4 nightgowns, and 2 slips, one half and one full. The most humiliating part was mom explaining to the sales woman that I was her son but I wished to be her daughter. The sales woman gave me a look of disdain, but I guess she wanted the commission because she fitted me for my bras and helped us pick out the other items. She recommended breast forms which could be attached to my chest with an adhesive. They would stay on for several weeks. Given my height and weight she recommended a B cup and that’s what mom bought for me.
Then it was back to the shoe store where we bought shoes to match the clothes we had bought. We walked out of there with 6 pairs of shoes with heel heights ranging from 1 – 3 inches. At least none were stilettos like I had worn the previous evening.
We piled all of our packages on the floor as we sat on a bench in front of the mall. Mom was about to call dad to pick us up when a large shadow loomed over us. We both looked up to see Marcus standing there.
“Hello Charlotte” he said with a smile.
“Um,,hi Marcus.”
“Who is your friend?” my mother asked.
“Marcus, this is my mom. Mom, this is Marcus. I met him last night at the party.”
“I thought he was your date?”
“Well, yeah. I guess he was.”
“Nice to meet you ma’am” he said. “You have a lovely daughter.”
“Thank you Marcus. It is a pleasure to meet you too.”
“Can I give you ladies a lift some place?” He asked.
I started to refuse, but mom interrupted.
“That would be nice. Are you sure it’s no trouble?” Mom asked.
“Not at all.” He replied.
He picked up most of the packages leaving just a couple for mom and me to carry and led us to his car. I was not a happy camper as we walked to the car. I just wanted to get home and get out of these clothes, though I suspected, it was not to be that easy.
After depositing our packages in the trunk, Marcus held the back door open for mom to get in and the passenger side front door for me. He and mother talked while he drove me home. I sat there silently trying to figure out how things had gotten this far. When we got home, Marcus helped us from the car and carried our packages into the house. There I had to introduce him to my father. At mom’s urging I walked him to the door. Before he left he gave me a kiss on the cheek. He told me he would call and left.
Mom and I took the packages to my room where I discovered what my dad had been doing all afternoon. My closet and dresser drawers were empty. He had removed all my clothing and I had no idea what he had done with it. As I realized that all I had to wear was what we had bought at the mall I broke down and cried.
Mom allowed me a couple of minutes and then ordered me to put my purchases away. I hung the skirts, dresses and tops in the closet, put all the lingerie in my dresser, and the shoes in my closet. She told me I had an hour till dinner and left me alone in my room.
As soon as she left my room I Skyped with Sara.
“Why are you still dressed like a girl?” was the first thing she asked me.
I told her everything that happened after we left her house.
“I’m scared Sara. I don’t know what my folks have in mind but it seems clear I will be dressing like a girl for some time.
“I’m so sorry Joe. I never wanted this to happen. I just thought we could have some fun yesterday.”
“I know. I don’t want to be a girl and I don’t know how to stop it.”
“Maybe they are just scaring you.”
“I don’t think so. Mom spent a lot of money on the clothes and shoes she bought for me today.”
“I wish I could help, but I don’t know how. In any case, I am grounded for the next two months.”
“That sucks!”
“I’ll live. I think you are in a worse place than I am.”
“Yeah, I guess so.”
“Are you going to tell Marcus the truth?”
“I should, but I am afraid he will beat me to a pulp. Of course, if he did, I probably wouldn’t have to pretend to be a girl.”
“I don’t think he will. He’ll probably be upset, but I doubt he would hurt you.”
“I really enjoyed being with you last night, Sara” I said changing the subject.
She smiled at me.
“I enjoyed it too, but I doubt that we’ll have any opportunity for a repeat performance anytime soon.”
Before I could respond I heard her mother calling in the background. Sara said that she too had to go and quickly disconnected from Skype.
I played some video games on my PC to take my mind off my situation until mom called me to dinner. I could barely eat I was so upset. Dad hardly spoke to me but mom carried on as if it were a normal meal. I was tasked with cleaning up after dinner and then ushered into the shower where mom ordered me to shave my leg and arm pits. I had no other body hair but this was traumatic enough.
Mom showed no regard for my modesty and after I showered she took my towel from me, leaving me standing in front of her completely naked. She handed me a pair of red bikini panties which I quickly put on to cover my privates, and then took out the matching bra. Then she placed each of the breast forms on my chest and had me hold them in place until the adhesive dried. When I stood up I could feel the weight on my chest and was almost relieved to put on the bra.
I felt totally humiliated when she reached into my panties and maneuvered my balls into my body and tucked my penis back between my legs. When she pulled my panties back up my front was flat, just like a girl. I briefly wondered how she knew to do that, but decided that as a nurse she was familiar with human anatomy. I was too embarrassed to ask her though.
She handed me a pair of nude thigh high stockings and said “I assume you know how to put these on without running them.”
I nodded as I felt my face turn even redder and put them on. She then took a red skater skirt with a white sweater and told me get dressed. The shoes I wore were red sandals with about a 2 inch heel. After the previous night, I had no trouble walking in them.
As she applied my makeup she explained what she was doing and why. I would be expected to apply my own makeup in the future. It was not long before I saw the same pretty teenage girl in the mirror that I had seen the night before. I idly wondered if my humiliation would ever come to an end. All indications were that it would be a long time before that would occur.
Then she took me into the family room where my father was sitting. She had me stand in front of him so he could get a good look at me. I had never felt as humiliated as I did at that moment. My father stared at me for what seemed like hours. He ordered me to turn around slowly which just served to increase my nervousness. Finally he told me sit down opposite him. I tried to pull the skirt down as much as I could but it was very short and I wasn’t sure that he couldn’t see my panties.
“Since it seems you wish to be a girl..”
“But I don’t!”
“Don’t interrupt me Charlotte. You’re not so big that I can’t take you over my knee and spank your pantied ass!”
My father had never ever spanked me and now he was threatening to do just that. I shut up and let him continue.
“As I was saying Charlotte before you so rudely interrupted me, it seems that you wish to be a girl. We are going to give you that opportunity. However, it will not be here. I have a congregation to serve and I think you would just be a distraction. Tomorrow your mother and I will be taking you to stay with your Aunt Nellie. There you will live as a girl and be home schooled with your cousins. In addition to your academic studies you will also be taught how to be a girl. Any questions?”
“But Dad!”
“Oh, and one other thing Charlotte. From now on you will call your mother mommy and me daddy. Is that clear?’
“Yes dad..dy.”
I felt like such a sissy calling him by that name.
“Please don’t make me be a girl. I don’t want to be a girl. Last night was a mistake. It won’t happen again.”
“You looked happy enough last night wearing that dress and hanging onto your boyfriend.”
“I didn’t know what I was doing. The punch was spiked and I didn’t realize it. I drank too much.”
“Oh, so now you are an alcoholic as well.”
“Enough! Your mother and I have made the decision and your Aunt Nellie has agreed to take you in. I don’t want to hear any more.”
I felt the tears coming and ran back to my room. I threw myself on my bed and cried.
I forced myself to get up and dried my tears. My makeup was a mess but at that point I didn’t care. I texted Sara to let her know what was happening. She did not reply.
Awhile later mommy came into my room and told me to change for bed. She took out one of the nightgowns she had bought for me and asked if I needed help. I told her I didn’t. I stripped down to my panties and put on the nightgown. I removed the makeup from my face, brushed my teeth and climbed into bed. Thinking about what was going to happen the next day only made me cry more. I barely slept as I dreaded the future.
Aunt Nellie was ok, but my cousins and I were not particularly close. They were Maggie who was 17, Kathy was 14 and Julie was 13. I knew they would tease me incessantly and I did not know how long I could take it.
Needless to say I did not sleep well that night. Mommy woke me early to shower and dress. It was a 3 hour drive and my parents would make the round trip in one day. While I was in the shower mommy laid out clothes for me. They consisted of a pink jumper dress with an a-line skirt, white blouse, white knee socks and black Mary Jane shoes with ½ inch heel. My underwear consisted of pink panties covered with lace and a matching pink bra. She told me to dress and do my own makeup.
I was tempted to really screw up the makeup, but was afraid they would take me as I was and my humiliation would be even greater. Better to look like a girl than a boy trying to be a girl, I thought. Despite it being my first time, I did not do too bad a job. Mom made a few minor corrections.
I barely touched my breakfast and after cleaning up the dishes we were on our way. About halfway there we stopped for a bathroom break. I really did not want to go but mommy insisted and I made my first excursion into a public ladies room. It was fairly crowded and we had to wait for stalls. Mommy warned me to sit and wipe myself when I was done. I kept my eyes to the floor trying to hide my embarrassment. When we were finished, mommy told me to repair my lipstick and explained to the women around us that “her daughter” was just starting to wear makeup.
 I was grateful to get back in the car. The drive seemed to go quickly, too quickly and we were soon parked in front of my aunt’s house. My cousins had apparently not been warned about my new mode of dress so when we walked in they appeared be in shock. That did not last long until Julie burst out laughing and pointing at me. The other girls soon followed suit, laughing and pointing.  I did not notice my parents and aunt leaving the room when the girls surrounded me.
“Are you wearing panties too?” asked Julie.
“I bet the sissy is” Kathy said before I could reply.
“Let’s find out!” exclaimed Julie and before I could stop her she lifted my skirt revealing my lacey pink panties.
That caused them to laugh even louder.
“Are they satin?” asked Julie as she pinched my butt.
Kathy then ran her hand up under my skirt and caressed my ass.
“I think so” she replied.
Feeling tears form in my eyes, I tried to get away but Maggie grabbed my arm and held me.
“Where do think you are going, girlie?”
I tried to break free from her but could not. The realization that she was stronger than me was a great shock. I figured that being a boy I could easily break away, but as much as I tried she just laughed at me and kept her grip.
Then Kathy noticed my suitcase on the floor.
“Let’s see what other clothes she brought.”
“Wait. We’ll take her and her clothes upstairs first. She can put on a fashion show” said Maggie.
Julie clapped her hands and jumped up and down saying “Yes, yes. Let’s do it.”
Julie grabbed one arm and Kathy grabbed the other and they forced me up the stairs. Maggie followed behind with my suitcase. They took me into a great room which had 4 bunk beds, 4 desks with computers, two standing wardrobes and two large dressers. It was like a large dorm room. I assumed that this was where the girls slept.
“All right sissy, strip down to your pretty undies!” ordered Kathy.
I looked around wanting to escape. Julie and Maggie stood blocking the door with arms folded across their chest. It was as if they were daring me to run.
“Would you rather we stripped you?” asked Kathy with a grin on her face.
Feeling defeated I shook my head and sat on a chair to remove my shoes and socks. Soon I stood there in front of the girls wearing only my panties and bra. Maggie approached me and caressed my breast through the silky bra. It was all I could do to keep myself from bursting out in tears.
“Ok” she said “now let’s see what pretty clothes she has in her suitcase.”
The girls pulled out the different outfits I had and made me put on a fashion show, including doing a runway walk in each outfit. The only thing I was grateful for was they didn’t force me to remove my panties. They would see me naked soon enough.
“Girls! Come down now.”
Hearing Aunt Nellie’s voice we went downstairs. My mom and dad were going home, leaving me to stay with Aunt Nellie. They kissed each of the girls and then me. I couldn’t remember the last time my father kissed me, but he showed no hesitation. I was mildly embarrassed at his show of affection. Then they were gone and I was stuck in an all female household and was expected to be one of them.
“Ok girls. Charlotte will be rooming with you. Show her the empty dresser drawers where she can store her underwear, socks, etc. Maggie, make room in your wardrobe. You will be sharing it with Charlotte. Also, if you have any clothes you don’t wear any longer that might fit her, get them out and have her try them on. Give her only skirts and dresses, no pants for Charlotte. Dinner will be in an hour. Julie and Kathy will help me.”
Maggie hooked her arm into mine and we walked up the stairs back to the bedroom. She moved clothes around in her closet while pulling some out and tossing them on her bed. While she was doing that I was putting away my panties and bras, and other lingerie.
“I think these will fit you Charlotte. I haven’t worn them since I was 13. Try them on!”
I was tired and didn’t really want to model any more clothing, but fearing further humiliation if I made a fuss about it, I tried them on and modeled for her. She kept her comments to either that will work for me or we’ll get rid of it. I was grateful that she didn’t tease me as the girls had done earlier.
We ate dinner mostly in silence and the girls and I cleared the table, washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. I learned that this was a nightly chore. After dinner the girls worked on their homework and Aunt Nelllie explained what would happen tomorrow. I would be tested to determine my grade level in various subjects and she, with the other teachers doing the home schooling would work up an individualized education program for me.
We all watched an hour of TV and retired to the bedroom. While I had only frilly nightgowns to wear, the girls all wore rather plain pajamas further emphasizing that I was a sissy. By the time I crawled into bed I was exhausted from the day’s activities and fell asleep immediately.
The next morning Maggie laid out clothes for me. I was not to be allowed to pick my own clothes, but since they were all very girlie, it really didn’t matter to me that much. She laid out a black pleated skirt, a white blouse, black tights, and black Mary Jane shoes with a low heel. Underneath I wore plain white cotton panties and a matching padded bra. After I dressed, Kathy supervised me as I put on my makeup. It took me a few tries but I finally was presentable.
There were 8 students being homeschooled including the four of us. There were two other mothers teaching. Auntie Nellie was teaching English and history, Mrs. Forman, who was the mother of two of the students, Alice and Susan, taught Math and Science. The other lady, Mrs. Kline, the mother of Michael and Sam, taught Spanish. She also taught home economics to the girls. Her husband, the boys’ father, taught them carpentry. Needless to say I would be with the girls.
I spent the morning being tested in English, history, math, science, and Spanish. During lunch, which we all ate together, I met the other students. Alice was Maggie’s age and Susan was the same age as Kathy. The boys, twins, were Julie’s age.
After lunch I got my test results. Despite being older than all but Maggie, I learned I was behind all of them and would be tutored by some of the other students. Julie would tutor me in Spanish, Kathy in English, Maggie in history, Michael in math and Sam in science. It was quite humiliating for me especially since I was almost 3 years older than Julie, Sam, and Michael. I could only hope it would end soon.
As far as I could tell, none of the kids, other than my cousins knew I was a boy. They all treated me as a girl and that was fine with me. It would have been too humiliating for them to find out the truth. With the help of my tutors, I did make progress towards catching up to the rest of them, or at least to the youngest of them.
 With the little free time I had, I tried to contact Sara, but she did not return my calls. About a week after I arrived at Aunt Nellie’s house, I received a call from Marcus. I had forgotten that he had my cell phone number. He told me that Sara’s cell phone had been taken away by her mother as part of her punishment, so it would be a couple of months before we could communicate. He told me he knew who I was and was not angry. He said I was still the prettiest girl at the party and would gladly date me. I actually felt thrilled at the prospect and internally scolded myself.
“After all, I am not gay” I told myself.
He offered to pass messages between Sara and me until she got her phone back. I happily agreed. We chatted a bit longer before saying good night.
A few months went by. When Sara got her phone back, we talked several times a week. I was sad when I missed her birthday. She was so excited to get a car and said she would come visit me. I told her I didn’t think my aunt would allow it. I really wanted to see her, but not in the situation I was in.
My birthday came and they had a cake for me at school. The other kids were surprised that I was 16 and not 13 as they believed. Before this all happened, I had hoped for a car for my birthday. Instead all I received were a couple of dresses. I’m sure the kids thought that I was crying from joy, and not from intense sadness at my predicament.
After school the next day I went to Mrs. Kline’s house for my math tutoring with Michael. He seemed to be acting a bit strange when he opened the door for me, but I thought little of it. Instead of going into the kitchen where we usually studied, he took me into his bedroom. I know I should have been suspicious, but he said he wanted to show me something before we began.
I walked ahead of him into the room and Sam was already there, sitting on the bed. I heard the door close behind me.
“So you’re really 16, Charlotte?”
“Do you like to suck cock?”
I didn’t answer, but turned to leave. Michael grabbed me and pushed me towards the bed. I stumbled and Sam grabbed me. He twisted my arm and forced me to my knees. Michael walked in front of me with his fly open and his cock sticking out.
“Let’s find out what you do know. Shall we?” He said with an evil grin.
He moved close to me and rubbed his cock on my cheek.
“Open up!” he demanded.
I kept my mouth closed. He grabbed my nose and squeezed it. I was forced to open my mouth to breathe. He shoved his cock into my mouth.
Sam leaned over and whispered to me.
“You better not bite or you will be very sorry. Now let’s see what you know!”
By now I was crying and trying to figure out a way out of this. Michael started to push himself into my mouth. I was afraid I would choke. I put my hand on his cock to slow him down and started to lick him. I thought about what I liked when I masturbated and tried to duplicate it on him. I wanted to get it over with as fast as possible.
“Good girl! Keep it up!” he ordered.
I licked his balls and the head of his cock. He put his hands on my cheeks and face fucked me. He was controlling the action and I was just a receptacle for him. At thirteen he was going to cum quickly and before I expected it, I felt his semen shooting into my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could to avoid choking on it. Inevitably, some leaked out of my mouth and onto my dress.
I felt him softening in my mouth and he slowly pulled out. He zipped up his pants and leaned over, giving me a peck on the cheek.
“That was nice, Charlotte. We will do it again, real soon.”
Before I could say anything, Sam was standing there with his cock out. The whole process was repeated with Sam. I cried the whole time. He too gave me a kiss and promised we would have a repeat performance.
The finally let me get onto my feet. Still crying I started to leave, but turned around to face them. They both had these big grins on their faces.
“Don’t think for one minute I won’t tell my aunt and your mother what happened here!”
“I don’t think you will” said Sam.
“And why not?”
“Do you know what statutory rape is?”
“If anyone was raped it was me.” I replied.
“Ah, but that is where you are wrong. Do you know what the age of consent it in this state?”
“No, why?”
“It is 16. Michael and I are only 13 but you…”. He left the rest of his thought unsaid, giving me time to think about it.
“You will be charged with statutory rape if you report it. Look it up. It is to all our benefit to keep it between us.”
I ran out of the house and almost all the way back to Aunt Nellie’s house. Fortunately, the girls were all out.  I ran up to our shared room and logged onto my computer. I looked up statutory rape and to my horror, I realized they were right. If I said anything, I would be the one put into juvenile hall. I lay down on my bed and cried.
End Part 2

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