Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Stories! Joe's Taught a Lesson and Bambi Ch.3

Hello friends,

I hope everyone got a chance to read the interview I had with Kylie Gable, it was fun and interesting to conduct. I'm going to try to invite a few more willing authors to be on the Erotica Authors Corner in the near future. Thank you to those who commented on the interview.

This week, I have Brenda Gova's latest entry in her surreal Bambi series (picture right), her character makes a trip to a fetish shop in this episode.

We also have Joe Taught a Lesson by Joe. In this story, he has a male worker for an underwear company "persuaded" to perform a very humiliating performance in front of his all female co worker audience.

Brenda's Story:
Bambi Ch. 3

Joe's Story:
Joe Taught a Lesson 


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    1. Thanks Sally! Glad you liked it :)


      Annabelle B.

  2. Its a cute picture and looks very humiliating for him