Friday, July 29, 2016

Story Pick of the Week 7/25/16

Its been a little while since I have done a Story Pick of the Week, I used to think I could do an illustration and a review, but now a days I have two jobs, a blog to moderate and of course feminization art to work on for stories and avatars.

This week, I found a neat story that is taking on the ambitious task of exhibiting different fetishes in one single story. Chloe Latex 69'Becoming a Rubberdoll. Cody Jackson is recent college grad who applies for a job in Femco a massive corporation that specializes in research for medical and military purposes.

Jackson interviews for the job and is later surprised the scope at the job positions at the corporations. At orientation he along with the other male job applicants are told that that Femco trains potential employees to be maids, secretaries, babies, servants among other jobs... for the the company.

"Welcome everyone to Femco Genetic Institution! We are very glad that
all of you could join us today for orientation. Before we begin we want
you to introduce yourself to your fellow co-workers. If you could tell
us your name, place of residence, college you attended, course of study,
and why you are excited to work for Femco that would be appreciative.
The person who gets shocked will be the person that introduces
themselves. Keep in mind that we do have all of your private and
personal information on hand so I advice you not to lie or suffer the
consequences." As soon as the intercom goes silent one of the men
started screaming.

The author tells the story from the first person perspective and does a great job of capturing the uncertainty of the job orientation as a new potential employee. Great story so far, its ongoing, its free and its on Fictionmania.

Link Here: Becoming a Rubberdoll

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  1. It certainly has an interesting start. Love the description's of the positions to be filled. Wow a full service conglomerate.