Sunday, July 3, 2016

New Mommy's Little Sissy chapters added

Hi Everyone,

I have been away for a little while. I started a new job. I'm working two jobs now. I'm sorry for not replying back in time.

I recently added new Mommy's Little Sissy and will be adding the Jean series to the blog from Valerie pretty soon.

Again I'm sorry for the disappearing again while I try to adjust to my new job. I appreciate everyone staying with me.


  1. thats an interesting place. Sissy OB-GYN. Just, theres a picture there of a pregnant guy, with a long penis. How is he supposed to deliver?

    1. I got your email, sorry for not replying yet. I will answer it. Its loaded question you asked me.

  2. Love that drawing. Don't work to hard!