Thursday, February 18, 2016

Forced Feminized and Dominated at the Dorm: Coed Transforms College Kid into a Sexy Slut Book Review

"Like what you see," says "Melody" (Mark).  

Alright, its that time again when we look inside another erotic story on the theme of feminization. This week we look into Mindi HarrisForced Feminized and Dominated at the Dorm: Coed Transforms College Kid into a Sexy Slut.

Now that’s a mouthful of a title! A story title like that suggests that the story will be one of those orgies of over the top cum filled festivals where the boys are blackmailed by the girls into becoming female street walkers, but surprisingly its actually pretty tame with a cute story and sexy scenes that would have worked perfectly for a storyline on forced fem for MTV’s late night soap drama, Undressed show from the late 90’s/early 2000’s.

The story doesn’t waste too much time laying down the foundation for the boy to girl transformation. The story begins with Mark a college freshman whose nerdy qualities have followed him from high school, but that’s not all that follows him. It seems that a girl named Stephanie, from his high school also is enrolled at the same college. Rumor is Stephanie used to dress boys as girls during high school!

We quickly learn that both have a little history together. After a quick recap (it feels like recap of a previous book, which would be a good idea Mindi *wink*wink*) of what occurred during Stephanie’s failed attempt to pretty up Mark into becoming her “slave girl” through the high school’s “Slave Auction,” (an interesting idea) an event set up for charity. Fast forward back to the present, after getting into a foolish bet with Stephanie over who has the largest breasts (Mark has unusually large amounts of fatty tissue around his breasts) set up by the jocks and Steph to entrap him into Mark is being prettied up into a Melody by Steph and her girlfriends.

Cover Art for the book
Forced Feminized and Dominated at the Dorm, is well put together and the pacing is great! Unfortunately the pacing is too good! The story could have benefited from slowing down a bit in certain areas especially for the more intimate scenes where a little more description could have enhanced the story. Although the erotic moments are great (we do read erotic literature for the sex right?), it is not anything we haven’t seen before. (or at least I haven’t). A few stand out moments where an encounter with a mysterious dominatrix and the lead up to a cute intimate experience at the story’s climax (pun intended). 

The breakout star in this book is not Mark (although he is at the central character), but Stephanie, whose obsessive personality is well told by Harris. The dialogue involving her was showed off the talent of Harris. A prequel involving her would be an interesting read learning a about her past shocking activities during high school!

Like Kylie Gable, Harris isn’t overly descriptive in the outfits, accessories, underwear and hairstyle she puts on melody, but leaves lot plenty of liberty for her readers to visualize. In other words, she gives you a basic broad view of her vision.In the dress department, the outfits that “Melody” wears are cute! I can’t remember the last time I found a ballerina outfit adorable. A little outdated, but great to see  a contemporary author bring it back.

Thankfully the story never drags on or lets you down with an anti climatic ending. She ends her story at the right time and leaves you with a mix of identity questioning and optimism (a sequel is possible though). It may be the perfect forced fem story for you if you have always wanted to read one, but have been put off by other stories riddled with body modifications, extreme piercings and overuse of body fluids that flood the internet. In the end the story shows it has heart, despite what the title says of course...

Overall Grade:

3/5 Stars *** 

Grade: B


  1. I havnt read the story, but it sounds good. It was a good insightful review. Great hot picture

  2. I asp often wonder where my life is headed. As one use to love driving. Anymore it's like being openly flirting with guys, to sending selfies n even flat out flirting n teasing.

    Not to mention having harder times deciding. Like between cock our outfit our what job to take.

  3. Being TS in real time, real life, it's like I love super cute outfits to going out. But I also admit I'm no different in my wants like other girls in the cock dept. Haha. As are mousey all puff my friends either into porn or adult modeling or escorting. As do I have terrible times making decisions as off last few months.

    Going to OBGYN few weeks back, one she found out I was getting some plastic surgery, she did my blood levels , n upped my estradiol levels up. Now my girls are really singing. As doo I feel really guilty when I apply anywhere else but my old job in L.A.California