Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quick Pick of the Week

Like Father Like Son, by Willow Cage is one of those strange mysterious tales that could become an urban myth. A young man comes home from his all boys school and finds his father in an very surprising position with another man. The author Cage, waves her short story like a Alice in Wonderland tale, with the boy having his whole world turned upside down and introduced to a whole new side of his father and himself. 

"Don't you worry about a thing sweetie. You'll be fantastic," he assured
me. "Your mom and I had speculated that you were gay since you hit
puberty. I mean, you're eighteen years old. You've never had a
girlfriend. Your manner of dress is awfully... androgynous and, well, you
just let your father give you your first blowjob." He smiled sweetly.

The story is rather soft in tone, yet explicit. Willow intelligently knows when to end her story.  

There is incest (I cringed a bit), but consensual. Not for everyone.      

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