Monday, April 27, 2015

Updated Jessica Character Profile from the Life and Times of Lady Vargos story

Life and Times of Lady Vargos story click here 


  1. Dr. Jessica Kendal, she has a degree in human sexuality. that is something I didn't know, I figured she was all bogus and acting for Dorothy. What professional would act the way she does?
    I guess it all will come out later
    I like her dislikes, public humiliation and having sex with a crossdreser. Shes doing all of those things lol. Dorothy is really having fun demeaning her. Wonder if Martin will get her later
    I have a feeling Martin is going to get everything, polictical power, massive wealth and everything.

    1. Thanks for commenting Jennifer. I don't know what the future holds for Martin or anyone else. We will wait on what Rikki rolls out for us when the time comes.

    2. No one but Rikky knows. I was just guessing