Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Perils of Paul: Initiation coming!

Hello Everyone, 

I will be having a new book out hopefully this weekend with Valerie. Its the second book in the Perils of Paul series. Paul is in college and is invited to escort a female friend to her sorority ceremony what follows is a steamy femdom experience that will leave you reaching for your lubricant or favorite vibrator. 


"No!" I shouted, "What's going on?"  Lacy screamed out, "Paul please, you'll ruin everything."  Before I could speak again I heard Steve start to say something almost in unison with Matt. "Lacy, what is this?" I retorted.  Lacy let out a shriek in obvious pain.  "Lacy, what happened?  What's the matter?"  That same voice again ordered silence.  I protested, "Enough!  What the fuck is going on?" trying to break free of the hands that were desperately trying to hold on to me.  Steve or Matt again chimed in to complain, but their voices were cut off in mid sentence.  Lacy screamed again, and then I heard her muffled whimpering. 

I was led to a small platform that I tripped over while being led up onto it.  I felt my ankles being secured to the floor and then my wrists were fastened to something and the hands let go of me. I tried to get off the platform but my feet could not move.  Suddenly my hands were being raised in opposite directions above my head.  Then a thick cloth was placed at my lips and pulled tightly behind my head. 

Lacy cried out again, and as I opened my mouth to speak the gag was tied firmly in place. 


I felt the slight breeze of people passing very close to me and heard their feet shuffle past.  I heard an admiring hum like something tasted good, as one person passed.  A drum sounded once, and all movement stopped.  A very low chanting started. I couldn't make it out.  It was a foreign language.  The volume increased, and then suddenly stopped. 

A voice some distance from me made an announcement also in the foreign tongue.  I heard the rush of people coming to a standing position.  It sounded like fifty or sixty people.   

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  1. I may check it out. Do you still post stories here? Caroline posted another Man Dating. Chapter 11