Saturday, December 3, 2016

Story Pick of the Week: Gang of Six

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for the disappearance from the blog. I would like to thank you all for the Thanksgiving wishes and to those of you post up on the Fictionmania board, I appreciate that a lot Klyde! I do read all your comments and deeply apologize for not responding to those who have written. You readers are the principle reason that I keep this blog running. Thank you!

Before I got sick (it has been raining in my area), I was talking online with writer Blondie, he writes Clothed Female Nude Male stories similar to our blog friend Joe. Blondie has a few stories with a feminizition angle though like Gang of Six where two male school students are dominated by a gang of tough school girls.

A great read! It is free on The Blondie Humiliation Story board site! It is in 3 short parts with spanking, panties, domination and plenty of humiliation for the boys by the girls  Worth the read, you may also find other stories you may like from him!

Gang of Six story

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