Friday, September 23, 2016

Updates to the blog

Hello Everyone,

As some of you know Rikki's sister passed away this week. My dear friend and partner is currently taking some time off from her Martin Saga project. I wish the best and pray for her in this time of great sadness which I can't even begin to understand.

I have a new contributor, Joe X who has agreed to share his stories to the blog. I will begin to create a more CFNM branch to the blog along with BIC's poems. Trust me Joe's stories are very hot and entertaining! Welcome to the Blog Joe and BIC!

In other news, I have a major announcement with Valerie coming up soon. Stay tune.

Brenda has also submitted her latest Mommys Sissy story to me which I will post this week. Love her immensely.

That's all for now!


  1. Oh, no. Deepest of condolences to Rikki.

  2. i am sorry. Please take care, hon. ~sara