Sunday, October 18, 2015

Man Dating confusion

Hello Ladies,

Sorry for not having any content this week. Some of you know I work two jobs. But this week I got some relatives staying with us, so that makes its a little hard.

I wanted to clarify something, Caroline stop communicating with me about more Man Dating Art. Why? I don't know. All a I know is that she recently got another artist to do art for her on Fictionamania. I will leave it at that. Sorry to all the Man Dating fans out there. It was not my call.

I do almost have new 7Days art on the way. Very intimate. Sorry to Miss Annie, for taking too long on that.

Silvy's stories will also have some art. She recently liked what I sent her.

Please be patient with the cartoons. Me and Rikki have a small one coming up.

Have a great weekend all.


  1. What is the next 7 Days art piece?

    1. Its an intimate scene one, I have been trying to get out there for a while...I think even non fans of the story will enjoy it!