Saturday, July 25, 2015

Skins Vs. Boys (Story Pick of the Week)

This week's Pick of the Week comes from author Couture. In her Skins Vs. Boys (2002) story, the reader is placed at the beginning of the loss of the Redskins at the hands of the Cowboys (Cowboy fans should enjoy this story), we are introduced to Cowboy fan Tracie and her husband who is a Die Hard Redskin fan (he is never named). After a short, but sweet victory dance in her cutoff Cowboys jersey and short gray shorts, Tracie reminds her husband of the the bet they had made prior to the game. 

We learn from their conversation that if Tracie's husband's team won, then Tracie would have to allow her husband something he had long craved in the bedroom....anal sex. If tomboyish Tracie's team won, then her husband would allow her to dress him as a sexy blonde Cowboys cheerleader! 
"Honey, I know we made a bet, but maybe I could do
something else," he said hopefully. "I'll clean the
house by myself for a month. I'll even dust your
Cowboys stuff."   
"Please?" he pleaded. 
"A bet is a bet, sweetie," I answered, loving every
minute of his mortification. "Come on, I've got a
bath already run for you." It wasn't just the bath, I
had *everything* ready. I had been working on this
all week, and I wasn't going to give him a chance to
think of a way to wimp out of it. 
Couture does a phenomenal job in presenting role reversal between a husband and wife couple, but she does it in a distinct way far away from the sadistic teen girl tormentors and cold sexy mistresses that populate Fictionmania and other Forced Crossdressing sites. Here we have a woman who is a little fed up that her are *needs* not meet being met and the insult of being asked to be put in the most submissive positions taking charge in her sex life and having a little fun in the process. At times I stopped thinking this might have been written for the feminist readers.

Couture's Tracie drips sexy dialogue and female empowerment while her nervous husband descends into his new temporary role of a sweet, but sexy Cowboy Cheerleader.  
"You are so gorgeous, I could eat you up." I kissedhim deeply, bending him backwards over the sink. Icould feel my pussy gushing with my new found power. 
"We're almost there, sweetie, just a few more yards tothe end zone." I sprayed some perfume on the moreinteresting spots on his body, enjoying his discomfortand his scared uneasy eyes. Next came a pair ofdangly clip on earrings. I knelt down and sucked hiscock, taking it all the way down -- his favoritething.
Much the same way how Tracie creatively controls (very creative use of holsters Couture!) her husband, this story will keep the reader engrossed until the end. With no lace and lingerie or leather in sight, Couture relies on steamy dialogue and role reversal to create a strong tightly knit erotic short story.

4/5 Stars!
"I had a feeling you might try to be a tease tonight."I ground my pussy against his ass, pleasuring myselfand holding him totally immobile at the same time.
  Skins vs Boys by Couture

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  1. I love this story but Couture really is a genius. Her stories almost always hit the mark.