Friday, June 19, 2015

"Perils of Paul" (Story Pick of the Week)

Recently I read two really good erotic stories this week on the forced feminization genre and I found a lot of good content. First of, Valerie2 has created some really good stories to read. If you don't know her, she simply has been a writing machine on Fictionmania!

So far this is her second week and she has been putting out a new story everyday! Someone needs to give that girl a medal or some kind of recognition because that shows a lot, especially on Fictionamania where stories can sometimes take years to complete....hey no one pays content creators  on that site! 

Ok, so since press time she has produced 12 stories so far in her Perils of Paul series. The stories are about a young man named Paul who goes through these humiliating experiences all perpetrated by females. In all the stories the protagonist is named Paul and may or not be interconnected. It's hard to know for sure as they may have taken place through different time periods of his life, but they never make a mention of the previous chapter's events. 

Of all the chapters the first two chapters are the best. In the first chapter, The Perils of Paul 1-The Beginning Paul is caught in his sister's underwear after becoming curious of the materials sensation. This eventually leads to her catching him and black mailing him into becoming the entertainment for her group of friends who are curious as to how a boy would look dressed a girl or simply are curious as to how he would look naked. The scene of him nude holding a glass of his own semen in front of the fully clothed girls expecting him to drink it is the most memorable in the story.
"Do you remember those pictures I took of you a couple of weeks ago? Well I was wondering if you want me to show them to Karen," she asked. "Stand over here in front of us and take all your clothes off. Do it now," she demanded.
The humiliations are erotic and very taboo, it ends leaving you hoping for more adventures.

The second in the series The Perils of Paul 2-The Initiation finds Paul in college getting asked by a cute girl (Valerie2's girls are always pixie like) for his assistance on pledging for the college's sorority. He relunctatly agrees after some coaxing by his female friend. They are taken to the mysterious sorority unknown location where he soon finds himself naked, separated from his friend, bound and strapped in a a very vulnerable  position at the mercy of the sorority girls.
"Prepare the virgin." I was strapped down to a table with my limp dick waving in the breeze. I felt several hands all over my body touching and tickling. I felt warm lips on my cock again. They were definitely female and experienced.
It is also fair to note that the girls pledging into the sorority also receive some sexual humiliation involving the unsuspecting boys they brought with them.

 The third best entry in the series is Perils of Paul 8-Thorough Exam. In this entry Paul is given a physical exam similar to that a woman is given. His exam is administered by three lovely ladies. The story is not as strong as the first two, but the idea of a male going through a gynecological like exam is a great turn on. A great example of role reversal in this genre.

My hope is that as a reader and fan, Valerie2 revisits the first two stories and adds to as it leaves the reader hungry for more. Thank you Valerie2 for creating such great hot reads!


  1. i love the pearls of paul. its such a good story i am glad you found it